Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Four Steps To Aroused Her More

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Having a hard time increasing your sex appeal? Arouse her more! Here are the steps on how to.


Research at the Monell Chemical Sense Centre in the US found that a woman’s ability to detect & distinguish between scents is 1,000 times better than guys. So a candle with a bespoke aroma can do over mask Monday’s gym bag.

According to the study, women smell & emotions are both located in the same neural network in her brain – the limbic method. Scent is the most important physical & social factor in her attraction to you. which fragrance you need to capture her interest depends on her tastes. Research shows that the most effective smells evoke scents from her childhood memories or favourite foods.

The smell of sex is a sweet one. Select a sweet-scented candle to match her most desired flavours from a range by Parisian macaroon specialists LadurĂ©e, as plenty of of their scents are food-based, so it’s simple to find one you know she’ll love. With brioche, wild strawberry & orange chocolate to pick from, you’ll be increasing your chances of scoring a direct scent-ual hit.


A study of 800 ladies aged 18-50 by the University of Florence compared the results to the Female Sexual Function Index, an extensive survey of sexual arousal & satisfaction in ladies.

It might be one of the oldest tricks in the book, but a glass or one of red wine is now officially the way to be sure an erotic amore. Ladies who drink between one & one glasses of plonk a day have a higher sex drive than those who drink less. They found that red wine drinkers scored 27.3 out of a maximum of 36, compared to 25.9 for less-frequent cork poppers & a chaste 24.4 for teetotallers.

Despite age being usually associated with a decline in female libido, the research found that drinking to the health of her sex drive was as effective in older ladies. Which makes a well-aired bottle a long-term strategy, not a short-term tactic.


Tests by McGill University in Montreal found her brain reacts to music in a similar way to the exhilaration of winning a large bet or leaping out of a plane. These catalyse physiological responses such as increased heart rate & ‘shivers down the spine’. Pushing her buttons means appealing to all her senses in the optimum way.

Sound familiar? To be arousing your song choice ought to have a “single lead voice & involve romantic or sexual lyrics,” the research found. A study at Goldsmiths University, London, found it’s the lyrics, not the tempo of the tune that’s paramount.

Try conducting the sounds of affection through a wall-mounted stereo to leave you more floor space to get creative on. And, make them Artcoustic speakers & then you can customise them with sexy images to turn the heat up even further.


Having the right literary material on your coffee table will increase your chance of having her on it. According to work at the Northwestern University, US, they is visually titillated by the exact same sights as you are. Which is science’s way of saying they will also enjoy some ‘light’ reading in the lounge. make sure it’s high-brow haute erotica and not Razzle or any of its top-shelf associates.

The researchers showed female subjects erotic images featuring men, then females and at last both men and females, measuring the peaks and troughs in their psychological and physiological response. Heterosexual females were as physically and mentally excited by all-female erotica, displaying a bisexual pattern of psychological as well as genital arousal, although they prefer sex with men over females.

So, with at least one time as plenty of images to arouse her, there’s the potential to double the number of times you have sex each week.

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