Thursday, August 5, 2010

Five Sexual Body Chemicals

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Here are Five (5) Naturally Occuring Body Chemicals that can help you have the sex you wanted.

Chemicals That Can Affect Our Sex Life

Make Her Crave For You With Dopamine

"Dopamine is absolutely critical to sexual desire," says neurobiologist Dr James Pfaus of Concordia University, Montreal. The neurotransmitter at the centre of her reward system, this makes her crave things associated with pleasure.
Give her a hearty plate of Jerk Chicken. The protein in the chicken and the capsaicin that can be found in the jerk sauce will help her dopamine levels ramp up nicely. At the end of the meal, she will be experiencing increased heart rate, circulation and sweating. Add up some dark chocolate and allow the increased phenylethalmines in the dense cocoa to fan her dopamine flames. Something as simple as trying a new restaurant will have this effect, but whisking her straight from work for a surprise weekend away will create a real surge. Then all you need to do is strip off and surf it.

Level Up Her Lust with Testosterone

Some of us know that Testosterone is a vital fuel for your own sex drives. But did you know that studies shows that testosterone produced in her ovaries and adrenal glands is also one of the major influence on your lady's levels of lust?
You can harness it by participating in sports that can switch her competitiveness. Scientists from America's Pennsylvania State University found testosterone levels in women rose by an incredible 49% during athletic competition. Win or lose, the hormone boost will lead to the right result in the bedroom afterwards. Finish the job by ensuring cabbage is on your post-match menu. It's crammed with indole-3-carbinol (IC3), a phytochemical that increases testosterone in both sexes, according to a study at Rockefeller University Hospital, New York.

Bond Yourselves With Oxytocin

It is the key to calming her anterior cingulate cortex (ACC), the part of her brain that assesses risk – a crucial precursor to sexual arousal. “Levels shoot up during orgasm and strengthen bonds between partners,” says Dr Heather Rupp of Indiana State University’s Kinsey Institute.
The best way to increase oxytocin is via touch, but don’t go straight in like Mr Tickle. Instead, hug her for 20 seconds – the time required to raise levels.
A study at America’s Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation found banana scents increase blood-flow to the vagina. Finally, be ready with a towel when she gets out and “try gently blowing on her skin while it’s still wet. “This will stimulate more of her nerves as the water evaporates and get her oxytocin pumping.” And that’s when Mr Tickle comes in.

Horny Much With Melanocortins

“When her melanocortin receptors are activated, it will make her incredibly horny,” says Pfaus. Melanocortins are neuropeptides (small protein-like molecules) which coordinate her brain’s excitatory systems – crucial to preparing her body for sex.
So start by subtly spraying the bed with your aftershave when she’s not looking – or better still, the aftershave you wore when you first got together and were having ‘honeymoon’ sex. From there on in, it’s all about the pillow talk. Turn on this excitement switch in her brain by piggy-backing “the sights and smells she associates with sexual reward,” says Pfaus. “The very best way to encourage the release of her melanocortins is to make her feel like the centre of the world,” says Pfaus. That means tailoring your words to push the right psychological buttons. By reminding her of steamy encounters gone by and focusing all the attention on her pleasure you’ll set her melanocortins free and liberate her sexual desire.

Arousal Cycle With Oestrogen

Oestrogen is produced in her ovaries. It governs her arousal. It is the gunpowder itself. A study in the journal Human Reproduction found couples have 26% more sex during the most fertile days of her cycle (the day of ovulation – in the middle of her cycle – and five days beforehand) when her oestrogen levels are highest. “Conversely, in the first half of her cycle, women are more responsive to masculine traits.” So avoid your razor in the second week after her period. Finally, give her oestrogen levels a helping hand by making her a bowl of soy-rich miso soup.